Me, This blog and YOU


I am a 41 year old divorced single working woman with two kids a dog and a mortgage.

I have  been bullied, lied to, cheated on, abused and manipulated…and I have been blessed.

I have made mistakes, learned lessons, and made mistakes again. I am not perfect.

I have been afraid(sometimes still) and I have been extremely brave.

I believe in miracles, self empowerment, faith, positive attitude, the ability to change my life in an instant and that there is a larger Source out there that has the best intentions for me,

I have real life knowledge about dealing with, being raised by and marrying narcissistic people.

This Blog

With this  blog I am going to share with you the lessons I have learned in my life including, but not limited too,  everything above.

It has only been through talking to other people that I have come to realize how much my life has taught me.  What once seemed like a burden of past hurts has become the gift of enlightenment and realization.

I believe with all my being that the things I have learned are not to just help myself live a better life, but to share and help other people as well. As wonderful it is to sit and talk with a friend who has been struggling with something and help them work through this…I believe there so many other people who don’t have somebody to talk to…someone who understands, someone who has been through what they have.

This is my chance to take that knowledge and those lessons and share them. I hope to have the opportunity to help you as well as myself, because I am still a work in progress…and I”m good with that idea.


What I hope you get from this is the gift of allowing yourself to grow, learn, become more at peace and give up any notion that you are alone in any of this.

I hope you have an opportunity to share your own stories, and touch someone else who needed to hear it.  I hope that you are able to see something in your life with a bit more clarity and are encouraged to take a step towards a beautiful life.

This is my gift to myself, to you and to all my loved ones.  Be a part, share your thoughts, your ideas and your questions.


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