Being Open

One of the very special gifts I have given myself…is the opportunity to be open. Open to the possibilities around me. Open to new relationships, new adventures, new disappointments. Anything new. It has given me so much opportunity and peace. Lessons I could never have come to without being open to them.

What does it mean to be open?

The first step to being open, is to let go of expectations. Clear your mind of what you THINK the answer is to whatever the question is. All you have to do is concentrate on the end result. However, you must be willing to let go of your expectation of what exactly you think that result will look like. Focus on the feeling you want to get. Get to the core of what it is that you want not the specifics of what it should look like.

If you are looking for a better job. Focus on what you would like from the job. The sense of satisfaction that comes from that job…the fulfillment of your needs that come from having that job. Do not think you need to work specifically for XX company…think deeper. Then let yourself be open to the opportunities. Look for things that lead you in the right direction. Let go of what or where you think these opportunities will come from, cause that’s a sure sign you’ll miss it.

When it comes to losing weight, stop looking at the number on the scale. The truth is (if you are anything like me) you want to be a smaller size and healthy. Right? What number is that?? I thought at one time I knew, it was 125. Just before I got pregnant with my first child, I was exercising and (trying) to eat healthier. I was appalled at the scale when it said 135!! Truth is, I never looked better. I was in a smaller size, properly portioned and I looked damn hot. How could this be? I was 10 lbs heavier than I should be!!

Relationships are exactly the same. If you are single put away the list of characteristics or features you think are important. Get down to the nitty gritty about what you really want in a relationship. Healthy whole and happy….and great sex. If we are too focused on our list of requirements, we’re going to miss out on something spectacular. For me, I married a good looking man with a good job and he didn’t hang out at the bars. Never mind that I didn’t get butterflies when I talked to him…never mind that I knew we were not right for each other.

The point is that the world is full of possibilities. They are layed down right before us time and time again. Trouble is we focus so much on the packaging, we forget there is a wonderful gift on the inside. Be open to the possibilities that something wonderful is in store for you…as long as you are open to receiving it in whatever form the Universe sees fit for you. It’s custom made, just for you…and it is spectacular.


2 thoughts on “Being Open

  1. Thanks Dawn, I really needed to hear this today.. I really want to be open.. Its so hard to let go of past hurts but this makes me want to try even harder.

  2. Thank you so much for this post Dawn. So well put. Just what I was looking for. You truly are an amazing writer. I look forward to more posts. Just came across your site on another one of my inspiring blogs I look at, and I’m really happy I found it. Look forward to more posts. Have a great day. Rochelle. 🙂

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