Know your patterns.

Do you know your patterns? Stop and think about the choices you have made in your life….do you see a pattern of behavior? What about the people that you are attracted to? Do you find yourself drawn to the same kind of people?
I was talking with a friend one day about my patterns. There is a lot of drive and passion in me…I make great bold moves…then draw back into my comfort zone. This is visually evident when you look at my house. One room is painted bold and beautiful, the next, is plain and drab. I get mad at myself for falling into a safe zone, so I paint another room bold…then the next is safe. Why do I follow the same pattern? Fear? Maybe. What am I afraid of?

What are YOU afraid of?

When you look back through your life, do you see the patterns that you follow? Can you remember the feelings that were associated with those patterns? Do you want to change your pattern? How are you going to do it?
Earlier this month I was so excited to get started with this new blog. I was passionate and driven about the possibilities to pass on the lessons that I learned. I had a plan. Get the blog set up, write up some posts…get ready to launch. As of this date…this is the second post I’ve written. Damn. Where is that passion now??? What can I do to get that invigorated feeling back?

Well…in order to break your pattern, you need to act. Do something. If you are feeling yourself drawn back into the same old routine of snuggling up with what feels comfortable, you must acknowledge what you are doing, stop and make a change. What I did was stop what I was doing, grabbed my computer, and start writing. I had almost the entire post in my head…where it was doing absolutely no good. Time to get it out of my head, and into written form.

Ready to paint? Find yourself gravitating towards safe colors? STOP…step back.. Grab one of those home decorating magazines and see where your eye is drawn. Embrace that feeling of excitement you get when you see a room that makes you feel passionate…make a choice to be bold and grand. Buy the paint and get cracking…What’s so perfect about doing this is simply that it’s not permanent, you can always do it again. So what if you have to spend another afternoon painting over a color that didn’t turn out to be what you thought. Chances are you will feel more confident to try again.

Don’t allow yourself to settle into old miserable patterns. Start right now creating healthy new ones. When ever the urge strikes you, whether it is to write, paint or try a new recipe…just do it! Keep doing it over and over again until you are filled with that sense of satisfaction. Just like your old patterns, these will take practice. You weren’t born afraid to try new things…you learned it. You became it. You can break it.

I encourage you to break those patterns…feel good with every action you take. Know that nothing is permanent, you can always try again. What you don’t want to do is regret never giving it a go. Regret is a damaging emotion. It will break you down. It can be squashed in it’s tracks by taking action in a different direction.

You can do this with anything in your life. You have the power to change your damaging self destructive patterns into ones that empower you to be the best YOU can be.

Be bold…Be brave…I’m right there with you!


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