Enjoying the moment you’re in…right this second.

Here you are…sitting in front of your computer, avoiding something I’m sure.  Yeah, I know, I’ve been there.

How do you feel?  Are you frustrated?  Is there a nagging in your gut?  Is there something keeping you from enjoying this moment?


Are you feeling light?  Do you have an overall peaceful feeling?  Is there a smile on your face (even just a little one)?  Is there something or someone on your mind that makes you feel exuberant?

Which feels better?  Bad feelings make us feel sick, and make ugly wrinkles and those nasty frown lines.  They take away any chance we have of feeling good…about anything. It draws our focus on to more negative things, more things to feel bad about.  Next thing you know you’re in a worse place than before, and you haven’t even moved.

Change your focus.  Open up a file with pictures of your last adventure.  Email a friend or family member you miss.  Look around you and see that you are the champion of your life, and you are surrounded by love and warmth.  It’s there! No, really, I promise.  LOOK for it!!  Oh wait…maybe it’s closer than you think.  Maybe it’s right there in you.

Can you sit in traffic and feel peaceful?  Sure you can!  How about at the dinner table surrounded by people who don’t like you?  Yep!  When you grab a container of your favorite food, and it drops on the floor…can you look at it and laugh?  Uh huh…you sure can.   It’s about being in that place where you know there is more good around you, no matter what the circumstances are.

One example that puts all this right into perspective happened not to long ago.  I had invited my good friend over to chat, drink some wine and work on my puzzle (minor recent obsession).  The puzzle was set up in the dining room on a table cloth.  I had let the dog in, who ran to my friend, stepped on part of the tablecloth sending a glass of wine over.  My friend, being extremely quick, saved the glass…but the wine went all over the puzzle.  Talking to my friend after, she said she had a moment of panic…having dealt with other people knowing this was just the kind of situation that would have set a rather ugly mood for the rest of the evening.  I laughed at her sweet skills on saving the glass…and laughed while getting  the table cloth off, and cleaned up the mess.  We put the puzzle back together, and made some great progress.  Later we did discuss the situation, and how others seem to have such a hard time handling such a situation.  Those people are just NOT in the moment…and miss the joy we found saving all our hard work and laughing at the whole scene!

Life is so much better when you live to enjoy the moment you are in.  Stop looking so far ahead, you miss what is right in your face.  People talk about Karma… you get what’s coming to you.  What do you want that to be?  I believe wholeheartedly that you bring about what you think about.  Want more joy, see more joy.   Make the decision to enjoy this moment right now!  It’s like opening the floodgates to more good feelings.  However, it works both ways, but you probably already know that.

Right now enjoy!


One thought on “Enjoying the moment you’re in…right this second.

  1. I had to laugh at your first sentence. I should be in bed right now asleep but my commenting addiction has taken over tonight.

    I love going through old family pictures and feel the “good feelings” from doing so, Great suggestion.

    take care…

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