Be Thankful for all the Bullshit!

I am better because of you!  Truly, even though you beat me down every opportunity you get.  I did not get to be who I am today without having to endure all of the bullshit from the people in my life. Every person, every moment is an opportunity to take away some lesson.  Whether it’s how to be a better parent or how to boil an egg.  It comes from being conscious of whatever is taking place at any given moment. Or looking back and saying to yourself…ahh haa.

I always apologize to my children when I’ve made a mistake. I get mad, sometimes I yell.  It’s not pretty, and it’s not the kind of parent I want to be…but it happens.  When it does, I apologize.  Why is this important to me?  Well, simply because that’s what I wish others would do for me. We all make mistakes, but taking responsibility for them and apologizing when you are wrong, is one way to make things right. Oh, and I don’t use the word “but” when I’m talking to my kids. I love you but, I’m sorry but…It negates the previous statement, and tells them that I don’t really mean it, because I’m about to tell you otherwise.

When you get to a point where you can start to see each moment as a lesson…on what to do, or what not to do, you can start to appreciate the bullshit people.  Thank you for being a shitty friend, now I know how NOT to treat the people I  care about.  Thank you for being an asshole of a boyfriend, cause now I know where my limits are, and how to trust my intuition.  Thank you for telling me how I will never be good enough, cause now I know how important it is to encourage my kids!

Don’t let the bullshit get you down.  Be thankful that you can turn it into something that makes YOU a better friend, lover, parent…person.


One thought on “Be Thankful for all the Bullshit!

  1. Wow! Thank you so much for writing this. Your advise is straight to the point about how to deal with crappy people who dump on me. It’s the best advise I’ve ever read, and I’ve read plenty of books. I’ve been stuck on a military base spending so many days reading every book at a base library shelved from A to M.
    … Jun

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