If you can’t find a way out…find a way to be happy IN!

Sometimes you just can’t change your circumstances.  You can’t leave your marriage, you can’t leave your job, you can’t leave your house/town/community.  Whatever your reason is, it’s ok.  BUT, you can’t do nothing, you can’t just complain, you can’t stay where you are emotionally if you are not happy.

Sometimes, you just have to make due with what you have….and it is possible to be happy where you are right now, no matter how hopeless it may seem to you at this moment.  What it takes is some real honesty.  You are going to have to get real with yourself, and be sure you’re not just being a whiny little baby.  You have to look at where you are and find what YOU, and only you can do to make things better.

Husband on your nerves? Not giving you what you want?  Why not give him something HE wants…something you can do to make HIM feel special.  Talk to him…most of the time it is our lack of communication that leads to problems.  People are not likely to give, if they don’t get.  With a marriage, we get stuck in our routines…comfortable.  Too much comfort leads to death…of emotional connection.

Job got you down?  What exactly is it about your job that is bringing you down?  Seriously look at everything…Be focused on what you do, what you CAN do.

Maybe you just need to stop being so damn selfish and blaming what’s happening on the outside world and start turning the focus on yourself.  I don’t say that to be mean…I say that because I have had to say it to myself as well.  We get so stuck on what we aren’t getting…that we fail to see that we aren’t giving either.  Our loved ones are suffering, and we can do something to stop it, but we become the martyr and make it their fault.  Stop it! Stop it now.

Start with simply deciding to change your attitude about your situation.  Decide that you are going to be more aware of your own thoughts and actions.  YOU decide to make a change for the better.  Make any little change, it will make a difference.  You have no idea how much power you have to make a better life for yourself.

I have seen too many people get so stuck in the trap of “poor me”…always stuck in thoughts of hopelessness and lack.  I’ve been there…a time or two.  It’s both mentally and physically draining.  However, with some honest desire to be happier, you can change that.   Talk to a friend, talk to a counselor…talk to ME!  Find someone who will listen and talk…Be honest.  You are only hurting yourself when you lie about how you really feel.  Be completely honest about you’re feelings and what really bugs you, even if it isn’t pretty.  Then be open!  Open yourself to the opportunity to change.  Stop saying no, and start saying YES…to yourself and a better life.

We all complain…but if that’s all you’re doing, it’s time to stop.


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