You had your moment…before you opened your mouth!

My friend and I have a bit of a running joke per say…She will text me  an issue she’s been having…and the first thing out of my (fingers) is something on the solution side.  She will text me back and say “can’t I just have a moment?”  To which I always reply…you just did.

For me, once I say it, or write it in my journal…it’s done, it’s out, its on to solution time.  Sometimes I almost feel stupid when I hear it or see it…I am astonished that I gave that ridiculous thought even a moment of my precious time.  When it’s milling around in my head Iam giving it attention.  Most often, it’s attention to something I Don’t want.  That has to stop.  You bring focus to the things you don’t want…it brings more of those things you don’t want.  So by releasing it…letting it out of my head, I’m moving towards the direction of what I DO want.  The “moment” to wallow in the misery of what I don’t like or don’t want or don’t understand is over…You’ve had your moment!! Move on!!

She laughs…but I’m sure she sometimes wants to just punch me in the face.  I understand what she is seeking…That old comfortable feeling of commiserating in misery.  What so many people do with each other.  Sit around and wallow in the thoughts of poor me, why can’t I, it’s not fair….Blech!!  Really??? Is THAT where you really want to be?  Stuck in all those yucky negative feelings of helplessness and misery?  Yeah, maybe some people do.  Most of us don’t.  Most of us want out of that, but don’t have enough of the right people around us to keep us focused on finding the solutions to those daunting issues and get us out of the muck.

If she wants to wallow…she knows where to go.  She’s not getting that from me, and she knows it.  The minute  you open yourself up…your moment is over, and it’s time to rise above.

Someone on Facebook posted the other day…”I just want to be happy”.  It breaks my heart to see that.  Happiness is a CHOICE.  It’s something you do for yourself every single moment.  Know matter what happens, or who it happens with.  You can choose happiness.


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