Why not me?

I love when I have an epiphany.  I was talking to my friend about the recent online session I found about removing money blocks.  As I was going through explaining my thoughts about my personal blocks, I had one of those moments that shifted something in me…but didn’t really hit hard until days later.

I’ve been looking for another job.  The truth is that my current  job is not paying me enough to survive, and it’s becoming a place I dread rather than look forward to going.  I paid good money to revamp my resume, never did I look so good on paper!! I subscribed to several job sites looking for the ‘right’ job.

Here comes the epiphany…Although I have come across many good jobs, many more I have just deleted…”I’m not qualified, I’m not good enough, I’d never get that job”.  Ugh.  I even came across a company that I think would be AWESOME to work for, but…I’m not going to even finish, you know.  However when I was talking to my friend about applying for these jobs or rather the decision NOT to apply…I said (and I really am surprised it didn’t hit me harder at the time) “why NOT me…What do I have to lose…I should just apply for everything!!”


For reals…Why not me??!!  Why am I not good enough or not qualified?  Maybe I am…maybe they don’t even know how perfect I am for the job cause they have not met me yet.  Maybe I don’t realize that I just missed the opportunity of a lifetime…cause I thought just maybe, I wasn’t good enough.

So today…while I nurse the bruise of the 2×4 that just hit me, I am choosing to say YES to every opportunity.  I am even going to muster up the courage to make a video application for that AWESOME company.  Maybe just maybe there is something at work here that I don’t even know.  Maybe it’s just about letting go of the fear of rejection.  Maybe it’s the fear of actually getting what I want, and being to scared to follow through.  Whatever it is…I choose YES!

So now…I guess I should take a shower.  Can’t send in a video application with bed head and pj’s!!


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