What does it take to get the message?

Listening….It’s a powerful tool.   It’s what we want from other people, it’s what other people want from us.  Listening makes relationships in love and business better…It is something we should all strive to do better.

Listening seems to be a common obstacle for most of us…listening to the subtle messages are even harder to do.  What messages are you getting that you are not paying attention too.  Most often it’s something that maybe you are not ready to receive, or maybe you just don’t really like the message that you’re getting.  Song on the radio, email, someone’s FB post…All pointing to the same thing, and you refuse to acknowledge it.  Trouble is…it’s not going to go away.  It’s going to come over and over and over again until you face it and LISTEN!!

My friend and I have affectionately named those moments the 2×4 moment.  It keeps coming through until it hits you like a 2×4 and you can no longer ignore.  FINE I GET IT!  Geez…I get it.  However the key is to try to get the message in the early stages…before your mind has been tortured by whatever it is that you are hungering for.

For me lately…these messages are not related directly to something I am consciously aware of, I mean, it’s not the burning question for the moment, but it is definitely something that is it tumbling around in my subconscious, keeping me from what I am trying to do.  Sometimes the answer comes to us, before we even know the question.

I’m trying to listen.  Sometimes I think I’ve got my attention on the right thought or action…then those messages come through that tell me what really needs attention.  I ignore, cause you know, I know better…I know what I’m doing…I got this one!  Well…WHACK!  Ok ok ok…Why do I fight it???  What I am learning for myself is that when that subtle message comes through, I need to pay attention.  I am on a path of healing…the Universe is there to help me.  Just give that moment your undivided attention, it’ here for a reason.

Maybe you need to focus on this, because when you do, and you are able to let it go, you will be able to receive something so much better.  It’s the block, the brick wall….the ugly dark menacing shadow that is keeping you from what you truly desire…and if you don’t stop ignoring it, you will never get to the good stuff.

Lesson: STOP fighting! Listen! Pay attention to EVERYTHING!!!

I have set my intention.  I know what I want!  Now I just have to follow my intuition and be open when these messages come through. They are either there to clear a block, or to steer me in the right direction.  No matter what, I’m tired of the 2×4, I’m tired of wondering what I might have missed ignoring them in the first place.


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