Today I had a break up </3

Ok…by the time this post, it will have been a week ago.
I didn’t break up with someone I was actually dating…he was more of a potential.
Here’s the skinny…I met this guy online. Great chemistry, but he’s a very busy guy. Works long hours and is taking classes, cause he wants a bigger better life!
He has time for friends and his family…but zero time for a girlfriend.
We had one date…Great date. We laughed, we found out we think the same about a lot of things there was physical attraction. We kissed…it was very nice. After that, there just seemed to never be a time we could get together.
About a week ago, I finally accepted that this guy and I were never going to have any kind of relationship. He just wasn’t going to make time for me. No matter what he said about wanting to…he wasn’t.
So I just let it go..or so I thought. Until last night when he showed up online. Drunk…but sometimes it’s easier to face the truth when your resistance is down.
I hadn’t spoken to him at all in two weeks. He asked how I was doing…if I was seeing anyone. I said I was good, and no I wasn’t. I said I’m still waiting for that guy who wants to spend time with me. He said I was wonderful, and that I would certainly find that guy. I guess it’s not you huh?
Excuse…he doesn’t have time. Truth, he isn’t willing to make time.
We parted as his typing was getting unreadable.
I woke this morning feeling like I had more to say…but I didn’t reach out. I truly felt like this door was closed. Then there he was.
He apologized for being drunk. I thanked him for being honest. I told him I understood that he is just not ready for a relationship, and that I just didn’t inspire him enough to make time for it.
He tried to say he couldn’t…but the truth is that he just isn’t willing too.
I told him I was sorry our timing was off…and I told him to take care.
Feels like a breakup. I feel a little bit sad…over losing the possibility of what we could have had. The truth is, it just wasn’t going to happen.
Door closed…window opened. Now that I am able to let this go, I’m allowing something a little better to come through. The biggest lesson here is that I was able to connect with someone who is like minded…and let go of the idea that I will NEVER (very dramatic exhale) find someone like that.
Maybe next time I’ll get two dates. Maybe next time I’ll get a whirlwind romance. The good thing is that there will be a next time! And this time I was able to get closure…


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