Trusting your gut feeling….

So here’s the story…
I was offered a full time job for a company that did NOT meet my check list for the “best” job. However, it allowed me to cut the ties to my current job and move forward sooner rather than later. I turned in my resignation…and set my sights ahead. Then I got another interview….again, not the “best” but still WAY better than my current job, and recent offer. I left the interview and was told “you’d be a perfect fit in our office. I’ll email HR today!” Now that’s what I’m talking about…So I quit the other job. I quit simply on my gut feeling. I did not really want to work a job that was going to have me out most nights till 11 or 12 at night. Did not really want another job that had me on my feet 40 hours a week…weekends, holidays. Not really…So I trusted my gut feeling, and I quit.

I waited to hear back from HR. Nothing on Friday. Nothing on Monday. Tuesday comes and I have another interview scheduled with the same company only a different location. This one being even better than the last one. Less drive time and absolutely NO nights NO weekends NO holidays!! Still…I really liked the people at the other location…and I was SURE that is where I was going to be working.

That afternoon I get the call “we would like to extend you and offer to work in our (second interview) location.” Huh??? What about the other one. I thought she was going to email you on Friday…She said, let me call her. Comes back to tell me that they were requesting other applicants. WELL….I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, so I accept the offer from my second interview and I start orientation on Monday.

I trusted my gut. I didn’t have to answer to anyone but myself. I quit two jobs and essentially put myself in an unstable financial situation purely on a gut feeling. It was freeing…I have had gut feelings before. My whole life. Never was I able to trust them and do something without “proof”. If I had done this while I was married, my husband would have flipped his friggin’ lid. If I had told my mom about my decision she would have told me how irresponsible or reckless…or just plain stupid I was. Fortunately for me, I had only myself to answer to.

Over the weekend those old conditioned thoughts came up…Did you do the right thing? Did you just make the biggest mistake of your life? Are you fucking stupid???? WHAT IF YOU CAN’T FIND ANOTHER JOB!!!???

I paid very close attention to how I felt when these thoughts came through. Not once was I anxious…not once did I get scared. For each negative thought that worked it’s way into my consciousness….it was answered with a sense of calm and peaceful “yes, you did the right thing”

I threw caution to the wind. I took a chance. I trusted myself like never before. All this because I paid real close attention to my feelings. Not my thoughts, but my feelings. For years I’ve been telling people to trust your gut. Stop listening to all the crap your brain has to say…You know you have all the information you need to have….now just get quiet and listen to your body. You know…you just need to trust it.

Let me say…it’s not like I have NEVER made a choice solely on my gut feeling. I’ve done it with people, with driving, with choices to go out or stay home, lots of little things….However, this was a biggie. This was a true test of trust and faith in my own intuition, or gut.

I believe in myself.


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