I am reminded again that every moment, every encounter is a lesson.   Sometimes those lessons are not as clear as we would like.  Sometimes the lesson doesn’t reveal itself right away. Sometimes, you think you’ve got a grip on the lesson, only to learn it is something completely different.


This weekend I had an situation that I completely misread.  At first I believed that this was the Universe handing me chance to take advantage of a missed opportunity.  Something that I wished I had taken advantage of some time ago, but allowed self-doubt to hold me back.  So naturally when this opportunity was presented again, I jumped at the chance!  It was a comedy of errors that lead to this moment….surely it was “meant to be”.


I have relied on my intuition for some time, if there is something off in any situation I feel it.  Of course there have been times that I have chosen to ignore my instincts….Which usually results in solidifying my resolve to listen to that inner voice, cause it has my back always. I can’t recall a time where there wasn’t even a little warning.  I’ve gone over and over in my mind trying to figure out what I missed.  Nothing.  There was not one sign that said “Turn and run”.  I’m at a loss.


So now, what I thought was a lesson in missed opportunities, turned out to be quite the opposite. Honestly, I’m really not sure the clear message I need to get from this.  Maybe it’s that I should have accepted that the two previous missed opportunities were missed for a reason.   Is it that my instincts are off?  Did I somehow turn off my natural intuition that I have relied on for so long?  Is it that I should walk away from opportunities that are represented to me? 


I guess I’m going to have to thank on this awhile longer.  Something tells me this might be about a little self-control…and learning to just say “no”.


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