Aahhh, the holidays <3

The holidays just aren’t the same. I’ve let my own enthusiasm fall behind when it comes to the holidays these last few years. Not having money has put a damper on my ‘mood’ and I have to say…I am a bit ashamed of myself.

Kids are back from having Thanksgiving with their dad. Tomorrow we go full blown Christmas decorating. I have to say, they have been very good about not getting stuff. This year our big gift is a couch for the new livingroom, and they are both good with that. Of course I’m going to stuff their stocking like a madwoman…at least I will as soon as I get this “scrooge” feeling out of my gut. I’m so proud of my kids being able to embrace our new found limited expense account. However growing up poor I should be able to dive into the true holiday spirit better than I have.

Tomorrow I’m going to tap into that delight and wonder of Christmas. We’re going to go hog wild with the lights and little decorations that makes us all smile. Then we’re going to enjoy some family time. I should be flogged for being such a downer over the last few years. Let’s see if I can remember what it feels like to really get into the Spirit of Christmas and not just the what can I afford to do.

Wishing for something isn’t going to make it happen. So bring on the Christmas music and the lights and tinsel. This chick is going to have the warmest holidays and share completely with my children. We have so very much to be grateful for…money didn’t make our lives happier, so not having it shouldn’t make us less than joyous!


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