About this whole online dating thing…

I’m not sure I’m completely sold on it. I mean it’s is great for meeting people you might not meet just going about your busy life…but I’m not sure it’s really it’s all it’s cracked up to be.
This is my third time trying it out. I’ve already set my profile to cancel as soon as this “term” is over. For me it’s just not working. At all.
Maybe…just maybe I’m not really working it right. I’ll admit I don’t have a clue to what I’m really doing. I’ve written and re-written my profile several times. Doesn’t seem to change the type of men that contact me…or respond to my emails.
I just can’t seem to snag myself a reasonable good looking 30-40 something normal man who is looking for a relationship.
I get boys with a cougar fetish. Old men who look like they could be my grandfather. Men who have nearly nothing intelligent to say. Guys who want just casual sex….and even the occasional married man looking for a hook up. Ugh.
Most of the profiles seem to be written more for their guy friends, than a potential love match. I mean what exactly do they mean when they say “laid back and easy going” or “I work hard, and play harder”? To me, I read lazy and a player. Of course I can’t seem to figure out the usernames. It’s they’re written in case one of their guy friends come across it, cause they would get it more than any of us women.
Anyway…it’s very frustrating and I can’t seem to get through it enough to find someone I would like to spend some time with.
The search continues…until my subscription expires. I will remain slightly amused and extremely confused.


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