Get out of your own way…

Rejected again.  Did someone say ‘dating sucks’??

Of course I took it personally. Really??  WTF???  I AM a wonderful person.  How on earth could we have such a great time, great kiss only to have you tell me that you don’t see a long term future with me? Huh??  You don’t see yourself growing old with me so I don’t even get a second date?  Crushed…

That’s what happened…and it isn’t the first time.

So I’m internalizing this rejection, of course.  My first reaction was  that I am “unable to sell myself as a woman to fall in love with…I’m just the fun girl guys want to sleep with”.  Ah…the ego. My friend says “there’s got to be a lesson in there somewhere.” Yeah, it’s that I’m not worthy of loving….or even being given a chance to love.  <insert pouty face here>

There’s something about waking up (too early for a Sunday mind you) with a little bit of clarity.

Life is an adventure. The reason we should be grateful we don’t all have crystal balls is because if we knew where we were going to end up…we just might miss experiencing life it’s self along the way. Life and love are all about the journey, the lessons along the way and about experiencing it all…good and bad.  Too  often I have been taught that I know very little about anything, I’m always surprised…and the only way to really experience everything that life has to offer is to just be a willing participant.

What I came to realize is that it is not that I myself am not worthy of a chance, but that this guy and the others before him, are so focused on how they see the future, that they are unwilling to open themselves up to the possibilities of anything that doesn’t fit the image they have in their mind.  Pity.

I am thankful that I don’t know what the love of my life looks like. I’m grateful that I get to be open to the many experiences life has to offer that teach me something new…I know, at least to some degree, what love should feel like…what I don’t know, and what I am willing to let the Universe show me, is what it looks like. These last two men I went out with are not willing to be open. Their loss…

So bottom line is that no matter what your goal is, do not be so tied down to the package that you think it should come in. Staying focused on how you want or think it should look like or where it should come from will only hold you back. You know how you would feel if you had that dream job. You know how you would feel in you had the love of your life. Stay focused on the feeling you want…and let the Universe show you what wonderful gifts it has to give. Enjoy the journey, every path is a step towards a beautiful future. Don’t brush any of it away simply because it doesn’t look right or didn’t come from the right source.

You put your intention out there…get out of your own way and let the Universe show you the rest


9 thoughts on “Get out of your own way…

    1. Over and over and over I’m reminded, we are our own worst enemy. I’m trying to be my own champion…You should share some of your experiences…love to hear them.

      1. Can you see my blog? I’m still new to blogging, and I am not sure what you see or not of my blog. I’m holding back a bit… you’re so open and honest with your writing. I will get there.

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