Dating Part 8/Doesn’t get much better

This week has been a round of the same ol’ same ol’.  Three young (ages 24-26)  asking if I’d be interested in a younger man.  They are cute, no doubt, but I’m really at a stage where I am looking for someone more age appropriate.  I turn them down…”sorry, you’re cute, but I think I’ll pass.”  No no…I shouldn’t do that.  Why?  I should give them a chance…they are NOT like the others.  These are mature men for their age, they know they could satisfy me, I’m gorgeous and they would like to have an opportunity.  Sometimes I think they all copy and paste the same response…it sound so very much the same every single time. Still…no.

I also was messaged by a man who is slightly older, professional, no picture, about average body type, nice profile otherwise.  He wanted to talk on the phone…ok, fine.  I have a very nice voice, I intrigue him, I’m funny….After two days and a few short talks, it goes right to sex.  For the love of God…really.  He gets very excited hearing me talk (I think I missed my calling as a sex phone operator).  He wants me to submit to him and follow his instructions to please myself while he pleases himself.  Oh geez.  So I tell him, “if you want to imaging me in that position so you can get off…please feel free imagine away”  Oh no, not good enough…he wants to listen to me, he wants me to follow his instructions.  Ok dude, go for it.  You talk, I’ll say yes while checking email and facebook.  Mmmhmm…yes…that’s nice…Then I get busted as my daughter walks in and asks me to print something for her.  He hangs up.  Text me to tell me I was faking and he doesn’t talk to liars.

My response was to explain that he doesn’t really respect my situation. I’ve got two kids I’m trying to get ready for school…and as I told him previously, I don’t even know what he look’s like.  He says I should have been honest.  Whatever…if you listen, if you respect, if you care….Oh never-mind.  This isn’t about me, it’s about them and their needs.  Guys there is a lot of free porn out there, help yourself.  For me, that was the end of this relationship….I deleted his text, and blocked him online.  Done

At lunch he send “muah” I ignored.  He sends another….I say “don’t you leave your phone in the car at work?”  he says “there’s something called lunch” I say “never heard of it” Again I delete all the messages…but I call and leave him a VM explaining that it has been my experience that men who turn a conversation to sex so quickly aren’t looking for a relationship….and I’m just not interested in that.  I figured that would be the end of it…again.  It wasn’t.  Throughout the day he would send things like “hi” and “you’re a pain in the ass”.  Ugh.  Then he calls. I say, “What do you want from me?  You call me a liar and then spend the day sending me these stupid one word texts.”  To which he actually starts to yell at me…telling me he had been with his daughter and couldn’t text and drive.  Dude!!! Say “I’m with my daughter call ya later” don’t just be an ass.  Then I ask if he listened to my message.  He said “I listened to the first line and said this is bullshit and deleted it” Okay, well that was me trying to explain my feelings on what happened and you don’t care.  Whatever it is that you want from me…I do NOT want THIS.  He said he had to go…the end.

Sigh…no it wasn’t.  Fuck.

The next day, he finally sends me a picture.  To my surprise (not really) he was not ‘about average body type’ as a matter of fact he wouldn’t have even fit into the ‘few extra pounds’ category.

Him “you happy now”  Me “ thanks”

Him “so yes or no”  Me “you want to know if I think you are attractive?”

Him “yes”  Me “Honestly….not really”

Him  “ok, good luck to you”   Me “thanks”

Ok…finally it’s done.  He is a fat ugly pervert and I can move on.  At least it ended without any incident….NOT

Him “You nasty smoking psychotic crazy bitch”  Me  “ouch”

Now I want you to understand something….This comes from a man who in our first conversation told me he is different because he has his shit together.   Um, I don’t think so.  At this moment, there has been no more contact, I have a feeling he’ll try something again…And honestly I really wanted to tell him that I wasn’t really offended by his comment since it comes from a deceitful pervert who needs to have strange women listen to him beat off.  Which, sends shivers down my spine since now that I know what he looks like, ew think I’m going to puke.

Listen, I’m quite the passionate one…I’m sure I would not disappoint in the sex department, HOWEVER…if I don’t know what you look like, if I haven’t met you in person then honestly, I’m not interested in being your free “get off” girl.  Come on guys.  Would you honestly fall in love with a woman who gave into your little fuck fantasies before she even met you?  Probably not.  You’d fall into obsessiveness and eagerness to please and be pleased…but you would not fall into love.  I deserve better than that.  Time to move on.

Sometimes I think I must be wearing a sign…someone please check my back.



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