Let it go..

I have finally come to the conclusion that I’ve done enough whining and wallowing in my own discomfort. I’m tire of talking about him and about how I feel and about what I want and what I’m not getting.  Enough is enough already.  I’ve been giving all of this way too much attention.  It’s not like I haven’t been here before…in a way.

The other day I felt like I was just crawling out of my skin…another sleepless night thinking about what I’m missing in my life.  Fuck, I’m so damn tired of it I’m making myself sick.  I’m done with it.  A friend asked what was up…I said I had spent too much time alone.  Where did my mind go?   Doesn’t matter anymore…I’m done giving it my time and attention.  This had got to stop somewhere, somehow and I’m the only one in the driver seat.  So it’s time to put the breaks on.

I know that the more I focus on the lack of things I want…the more things to lack I will come to find.  There comes a point where I have to realize that in order for anything at all to change, I have to change what I’m focused on.  Time over time this lesson has come to light, and each time it turns around.  Stop already with the poor me.  Start with the HELL YEAH!  I’m a rockstar…in my own mind, lol.  I know that I can do most anything, even live with out some things.   For now, it’s ok to be without the companionship of the hunky stallion…or any man for that matter.  I’m not going to shrivel up and die if I don’t have a man in my life, this I know for sure.  The men…they come and they go, but they always come back again.

I’ve got some things I’ve been putting off.  Nothing important or life altering, but things on my to do list that need some attention.  Too much time has been spent sitting around waiting for life to happen for me, and I’ve missed out on happening to life.  That sucks. Life is going to keep moving whether I do or no…so moving I shall do.  At the end of it all I will be able to look back and say “good job you sexy beast you…good job”.

Be prepared for the Universe to open a path….make sure you’ve got the right shoes on too!


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