Talking shit…

Growing up, and most of my adult life I had a problem with constipation.  It was a running joke with my ex husband about my once a week (if I was lucky) poops.  Not really the  most pleasant experience I’ll admit.  For years I tried everything I could to help things out, but nothing ever seemed to work.

Not long after my divorce, and my estrangement with my mother, things took a dramatic turn.  For the first time ever I was having regular bowl movements.  Every morning like clockwork, I would take care of business.  It was, dare I say, simply delightful.

Why do I mention this?  Well, as it turns out, I realized that it wasn’t my diet that was the real problem, it was more of an emotional one.  Once I purged the people that were causing me to hold myself back…things started moving.  Our bodies tell us more about what’s going on then we think, all we have to do is pay attention.  After freeing myself of the negative people in my life…I was able to free myself of the shit (literally).

I’ve learned to listen to my body…just as I’ve learned to listen to my instincts.  What once was something I thought I had no real  control over, now I’ve come to embrace.  When I feel ‘off’ I start to tune in internally….take a closer look to my thoughts.  Most times I find it’s something I’m holding on to emotionally and not something external.

Right now…some strange things are happening to me physically.  I’m not going into detail, but my body is telling me something.  At this point, I’m struggling with the particulars of what I’m blocking, or perhaps what I’m not giving the proper attention to.  I’m in an ‘off’ state right now for sure.  I’m working as diligently as I can to flow with the things in life I cannot control….and grasping for some peace.  I think I’m close…I hope.

Anyway, I’m grateful for learning to listen to my body…even if I wish it would just knock this crap off.


2 thoughts on “Talking shit…

  1. Hello, lady!!! I’ve learned many things about myself by listening to my body. I think your right on about this! The things in our lives, people, emotions, attitudes can make our lives constipated. I’m so happy to know you’ve found your special Exlax. Have you head of How to Heal Your Life by Louise Hays? It is worth having! And, I believe she has a smart phone app! 😉

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