I love kissing.

I love those moments that lead up to kissing.

That moment when he’s leaning in, just before your lips meet and he looks at you and smiles…

When your walking and he’s got your hand and he stops turns and goes in for the kiss cause he just can’t wait another moment.

The moment a soft sweet kiss turns into you wrapping your arms and legs around him and he holds you tight and the kiss get’s more intense.

Holding his face in my hands while he kisses me.

The excitement of wondering what kind of kiss it will be…and where it might lead.

I could spend a whole day kissing.

I love kissing.

Kissing get’s me into a lot of trouble. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Kissing

    1. I agree completely. Unfortunately I don’t come across them too often…A bad kisser has been known to turn me off completely no matter how cute he is. But a compatible kisser….sigh, sometimes those are the hardest to let go of.

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