Random ramblings….grab a cookie and join me.

I wish I could muster up this much self control BEFORE I did stupid shit. There would be a lot less embarrassing moments and I wouldn’t look nearly as crazy as I seem sometimes. Ugh…I’m 43 (and a half) I’m too old for this stupid crazy shit. Gain more self control will ya. Pretend like you actually DID do that stupid thing you did that gave the the spark to control yourself….instead of actually letting that crap out of your mouth.

Today I entered a sweepstakes for a romantic getaway for two. I hope I win. Not sure who I would take….but this bitch needs a getaway like nobody’s business.

I think my ex has a girlfriend. Might not be his first, but whatever. Funny thing is shes much younger (and don’t start pointing your finger at me!!) someone he used to work with, and she used to text him all the time. When he would get all mad at me about people (men) I talked to, I would bring up this point and tell him how I never got mad at him…to which he would reply some shit like “It’s just xxx.” Well he’s taken her to his parents and cutting her grass on the weekends. I’d say there is something going on. I saw her at the dentist one day, couldn’t remember her name at the time…she just looked at me all wide eye’d. Now I know why. Don’t worry honey…you can have him. I know EXACTLY what I gave up…and I’m not interested in getting it back one bit. You have fun with that.

I’ve added Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy to my Nexflix list. It’s time to see what all the cool kids are watching. Season 4 of The Walking Dead starts in October…I still need to see season 3. I had a zombie dream last night…it was weird. I could really use a good sex dream…

My mom invited me and the kids for Thanksgiving. I have to say no. None of us want to go. If you don’t know the back story on our relationship go back to January…it’ll shed some light. She’s going to pretend like it’s no big deal, then throw it back at me out of no where and tell me what I shit I am. Great. Happy fucking holidays.

I think I’m going to paint my dining-room this weekend. Maybe next weekend. I haven’t done one thing on my list yet. Meet the professional put’er off’er. The list of shit I want to do before I get locked in for the winter is growing…I need to get something checked off that list soon.

I’ve been wanting to get a new tattoo for some time. This time I want to go a little bold. Who gives a shit anymore. At my age I don’t care what people think I just do what I like. Over the last few weeks I’ve been trying to find just the right idea for what I want. I think I got it so I’m ready. One day I’ll just decided to go to the tattoo shop instead of doing the slew of chores that I’ve put off and get it done. I’ll be happy. Then I’ll clean.

Still not interested in getting back on the dating sites. I just really feel like I suck at it. It would be so nice to hand that particular responsibility over to a trusted friend who knows what’s right for me…or at least what’s NOT right. We’ll see…doesn’t matter much now, I’m not ready. Although I’ve been thinking it’s time to start writing a new profile. Give me time to spruce it up.

Ok…so that’s the update. Oh wait, my job sucks. Honestly sucks. That’s all.


4 thoughts on “Random ramblings….grab a cookie and join me.

  1. I want a new tattoo too! I think I know what I want. My ex has a few female friends from what he said. Oh well…I went through that too. Sex is great when there is no commitment! But then I started feeling empty. I found Dave on Match.com. I was friends with a man who has been on match for over 10 years! He told me a lot of the games people play. I re-did my profile many times, mostly with stuff I don’t want in a man! Hang in there!

    1. Know for sure before you do the tattoo.
      As for the ex…I hope he does have a girl, he needs one. I’m just laughing at WHO it is.
      I do enjoy myself a little sex without commitment, just can’t do it if I have “feelings” for the guy. That’s where it gets tough.
      I’m going to work on my profile for a while. I’m not really ready to get back on…would be nice to meet someone offline…but that doesn’t seem to be working for me either. Maybe I’m just not the commitment type. might have to think about that for awhile.

  2. I take time to read blogs I follow and the more I read the more I think that we’re not so different from each other. Like the part about the parents. I didn’t go back to January, so not sure what happened between you and your mum, but it feels like we are all screwed up by our parents. I have so much problems with my mum and I’m glad that I don’t see her often – how horrible is that?
    I got a tattoo when I divorced and now want another one, but not sure what I want.
    and yes, the older we get the bolder we become. After 30 you can actually say ‘This is who I am. If you don’t like it, f** off’.
    Online dating is so much work. I got bored and tired with it. It’s just for people who spend most of their lives on the internet.

  3. I agree…we are more alike than we realize. I have the same feelings about my mother. She’s my mom and I love her, but I don’t like her very much and really have no desire to see her at all…so no, I don’t think it’s horrible you feel the same.
    Glad to have you around…Its always nice to know someone understands, even if they don’t walk in the same size shoes. 🙂

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