Hang on just one stinking minute!

So I wrote a post about the new guy.

Shortly after…some shit went down. I’m going to hold off on sharing this relationship until I know a little more about where it’s going.

Let me just remind you all a little something.


Ok, I’m sorry to yell but this is really really important. For me I often ignore my gut feelings because I think it’s fear and not a message, usually it ends up being spot on. This is one of those lessons I’m almost getting sick of being tested on, I should know better by now.

Something else I have to learn and hope to share, is about what someone wants vs what you can give. If someone has made their intentions clear to you…meaning you know exactly what it is they want from you, and you cannot give them that, or maybe you just don’t WANT to give them that…Then don’t. Don’t try to be everything other than what they want in an effort to hold on to something that isn’t real. You aren’t being nice…you’re being cruel in some cases and you’re being selfish in all of them.

I knew I should have backed out sooner. This was a lesson where I should have just gone with my first instinct. One of these days I’ll be a gut instinct ninja…and won’t need to question myself, or ask for advise…I’ll just know.


2 thoughts on “Hang on just one stinking minute!

  1. I always regret not listening to my gut. Now, when I look back I know that I missed on opportunities, or didn’t avoid danger just because I thougth that the feeling I have in my gut was my mother’s voice 🙂

    1. Mine has always been my own voice…and who wants to take advice from me!! LOL….

      I know…know for sure that my gut is always right. Unfortunately I struggle sometimes, afraid that it’s my fear instead, so I ignore it, or ask for someone else’s advise. I always end up right where I started….wishing i had just listened to that feeling.
      It is comforting to know, I am not the only one.

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