This too shall pass… so just hang on.

Most people hear the phrase “This too shall pass” when they are going through something bad in their life. It’s a reminder that the bad times won’t last, so just hang on a little longer. What people don’t realize is this also goes for the good times as well. We don’t pay close enough attention to how good things are, until something goes wrong. You need to remember that the good stuff will pass too…that’s life. Good things come and go, bad things come and go. Don’t get to attached to either one of them, and appreciate each and every moment your in. Each one has something to teach you, grow you. Remind yourself of that.

For a lot of my life I’ve had a really hard time appreciating the good times. Which is not to say that I haven’t been happy, I have, a lot. For the most part I’m a pretty upbeat and positive person. However, I’ve lived a life of always waiting for that other shoe to drop…cause it usually would. As soon as I started to really sink into feeling good where I was…there would be this gloomy feeling that it wouldn’t last. Of course, I was right. What I didn’t know was that it was there to teach me to truly embrace those warm fuzzy feelings with more joy and appreciation. That lesson has escaped me for too long. Fuck that shit. There is no one on this earth that can take away my happiness…and no can give it to me either. I don’t have to sit around and wait for something bad to happen…and miss out on all the good shit that is happening right there, right now.

Finally, I feel like I’m waking up and it’s about fucking time. This last week I’ve been refocusing my attention. No more on the poor me look what I lost. I put that shit on a boat and pushed it out to sea. I waived…shed a little tear and then did a little happy dance on the beach. What a waste…well, not completely. Now I’m taking all the things that have gone wrong this year, and put a new spin on them. The job…that’s a tough one, but I’ve come to learn a lot about myself these last few months, and that I wouldn’t trade. The hunky stallion…ah…Well, I learned that I should have stopped thinking about when it was going to be over, and appreciated what it was in the moment. I also learned that I shouldn’t have been so wrapped up in what he was giving…cause I fell to hard when he stopped. He has helped me take a few things off the ‘what I don’t want’ list, and added a few to the ‘what I DO want’.

People (stupid one’s) think I’m lucky. Ha! It’s not luck sweetheart…it’s perseverance. Something I’ve cultivated my entire life. I’m not perfect…I’ve got flaws, I admit it. You won’t catch me pretending that I’ve got my shit all together, cause I know and am open to admitting I don’t. Not even close. What I do is learn from my mistakes…my bullshit. I am forever growing, learning, failing…and scrapping my ass out of the gutter to give life and love another chance. I won’t let it take me out, even if it does take me down. So in the end, not matter what I come out smiling and being thankful.

This year is coming to an end…too fast for my liking. There is still time to finish this year on a fun loving positive vibe. The biggest lesson for me this year has to be in the asking. I got, by definition, exactly what I asked for. I realize now…I didn’t ask big enough. I wasn’t giving myself credit for deserving more, and so I asked for a little, and that’s all I got. So now, when I close my eyes and I make a wish, or ask the Universe for something…I’m gonna make it BIG! Big beautiful wonderful things…and I’m going to wrap up all my demands in a blanket of gratitude.


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