Looking at me…going on with my life and shit.

This weekend was very productive. Not only did we add a new member to the family, but I also got the xrays I needed, FINALLY painted my dining room, shopped for groceries for the week as well as for Thanksgiving. When I get on a roll…I’m unstoppable. I bought the supplies for the dining room a few weeks ago. Things usually get done spontaneously for me. When the mood hits me I need to take care of it. Of course it helps to be prepared. After settling our new addition in, I looked at that dreaded room and got working. It makes me happy every time I look in there and see it finished.

After my divorce there were a few people who thought I wouldn’t be able to make it on my own. To be honest, there were times I didn’t think I would either. However, whenever I accomplish something it makes me feel like I’m doing ok. Even after months of crazy emotional garbage and negative talk, I’m doing ok. Things get better. I get better…life goes on. No I don’t have a boyfriend. No I don’t have a great paying job I love. No, things are not perfect in my life, but guess what? I’m going on with my life…and I’m pretty fucking happy with that.


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