Here I go again..

So here I am, again, giving this online dating stuff a chance. I decided to come at it from a completely different angle, hoping to have a much better experience. The paid site I chose had the option of one month or 6 months. Shit. I know one month isn’t really going to give me time to make a connection…but 6 months was more money than I wanted to spend. Choosing to jump in I reluctantly went for the 6 month plan. Within the first week, I’ve had 5 men send me the conversation starters which are 5 closed ended questions. Every single one of them where more interested in getting to know my intimacy level and not my personality or viewpoints. Before deciding to answer or not I visited each profile. None of them really peaked my interest so I choose to not answer any of them. In two weeks, I’ve received up to 22 matches, all of which the site states are “a great match that happens to be outside your settings”. Basically that means there is no one that matches just what I’m looking for. Ok…I can work with that. Please send me someone interesting…Please. So far, nothing.

Given that there has been little to no action on the paid site, and I’m bored I decided to go back onto the free site. I made sure to put on that I am looking for a relationship…optimistically hoping that would weed out any of the “let’s hook up” requests. I also put a little more time into my profile…

Here I am…online dating, and look at that, so are you.

I believe in taking chances and being afraid. I believe we are not meant to go through life alone…and that there is much adventure to be had. I believe there is no right or wrong way when it comes our opinions. I believe that a relationship is about give and give…and willingness to accept.

We’ve all got our baggage. Accept it. Own it. Work on it. I’m not perfect and I’m not looking for the perfect man. If you are honest and open then you will find the same about me. Sometimes I say too much. Sometimes I don’t say enough. I can get overly excited about an idea I have…like running off to Vegas on the spur of them moment, but just hang tight and be tough, I’ll calm down. We’ll laugh about it later…then find a way to make the craziness work for both of us. Oh, and I swear more than a lady should…

I like yoga, bike riding, eating healthy, being near the ocean and traveling. I don’t do enough of any of them. I’m spontaneous at times and too often a little bit lazy. I don’t need hours to get ready to go, so if you want to do something last minuet, I can be showered dressed and ready to go in less than an hour (my record is 35 mins). Personally, I don’t think I look any better either way. My favorite thing to wear is my red velvet sweat pants…and I think I look pretty sexy in them too.

Don’t bother to ask me about my sexual history. I’m not interested in yours. I’ve loved, been loved, dumped and been dumped. I’ve had horrible sex, good sex and mind blowing sex. Yes, I’ve had my world rocked a time or two…and I’m sure it will happen again. Be willing to earn your place in my bed…don’t expect it. Intimacy and sex are important to a relationship…but if we can’t talk about stupid things, or important things,or just be together doing nothing at all, then sex is just sex, and you can get that anywhere. So can I.

I do want romance, but I don’t expect the guy to be on point every moment. Mostly what I’m looking for is someone that feels good to be with. I believe that if you enjoy being with someone those little things that make a girl feel special will come to you naturally. Honesty, trust and vulnerability are good things to have in any relationship. Mean what you say and say what you mean. If you think things are off, or you are unsure about anything…just ask. I don’t mind. I’ll tell you the truth and be willing to accept it in return. That’s not an open invitation to be critical and demeaning…but honest and loving.

The rest is up to you. If I peak your interest…let’s talk. Keep in mind, if I’m not interested don’t take it personally…We can’t be everyone’s cup of tea. This sh*tis hard and not always fun. I get rejected regularly…and yet I have faith that I’ll meet the right match one day. As for pictures…I don’t have many of them. I’m usually behind the camera and I don’t find myself terribly photogenic, so some are a few years old but I haven’t changed that much. You’ll be able to spot me in a crowd don’t worry.

In just one day I’ve gotten lots of compliments on the profile. It’s refreshing to have men actually read it. There have been a few who have only mentioned my stunning good looks. One guy said “I like your eyes and your hair”. He’d be really disappointed once he got to know me since my hair looks like a wild untamed poodle whenever it gets wet.

So…here I go. Open minded. Optimistic. Engaged…and ready? Maybe. We’ll see.


10 thoughts on “Here I go again..

  1. You have peaked my interest although I must admit, I am jealous that you had mind blowing sex. I guess I’m insecure when it comes to that sort of thing. I don’t really want to know the details.

    Yep. We do all have baggage. Just reading my blog would show that but there is also a lot of good stuff. It is more fun to get to know that sort of stuff bit by bit.

    1. Haha…the only reason I even put that in there is because I’ve received so many messages in the past from men looking to “please me like no one before”. I figured this way they might try to approach from a more respectable manner. Earn your way in and see if we blow each other’s mind. We’ll see how well that works for me.

      I look forward to checking out the baggage in your blog…and the good stuff as well. Thanks for stopping by. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. And people say romance is dead? Nothing says long term like telling them that you should get together with them because of their ability in bed. Lol, to be honest, I am happy to let them do that because, well, if that is the best they have to offer, then they can’t be that exciting or great haha.

      2. Oh yeah, stroking their “ego” I guess. But hey, you obviously deserve better. I’m happy to be able to follow you. ๐Ÿ™‚

      3. Thanks!!
        I don’t know why guys think sex = ego boost. Too often they aren’t that good anyway. Usually pretty selfish. What they don’t realize is you up the anty in the bedroom when there is real passion between two people. Nothing a women won’t do with a man she is truly passionate about…

      4. I couldn’t agree more. The more you know someone and the longer you are with them, the more you share and the more intimate you become (at least in theory).

        I would also say that your feelings that most guys are like though is misguided. That’s not a criticism but some guys think they are peacocks and feel they have to be all showy and arrogant to get attention. It is a shame but some just need to grow up lol!

      5. That’s okay. I like hearing your opinions. It’s interesting. Hope my perspective is equally interesting

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