Can I get a little maturity?

Sometimes I’m too quick to delete things before I get a chance to share. I guess it’s my lack of interest in the bullshit.

I got a message from a guy mid 40’s looking for a “lover and friend”. I said no. Then I thought maybe I should at least give it a chance. I’ve read that men tend to find love through sex and women sex through love…So, maybe this guy is just what I’m looking for…and could turn out to be something good. So I message back.

My first thing was to tell him that maybe I was to quick with my response. He stated he was recently single. How recent, 3 months. I asked what he was looking for. Something once a week…only when he felt like it? Somehow I was hoping for a little mature response…I don’t know, maybe I’m just fooling myself.

He said “whenever you are available. How often would you be available. I like to please and can get you off many times.” That was NOT the mature answer I was hoping for. Seems I’ve heard the same thing dozens of times from men of all ages. I told him, I was looking for some something more mature. He said “IT would be mature” I said no thank you.

The search continues….


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