2nd Date

7pm dinner at Red Lobster. We have been chatting a little bit since our last date and had one phone call. He was already there when I arrived and I gave him a hug. We talked a little before we were seated. The place was pretty empty and we were seated in a back booth.

He has a great smile. He let’s me do a lot of talking. We talked about our kids and how difficult it is to buy teenagers gifts. He said he was thinking about texting me to ask for suggestions of what to buy his 18 year old daughter. I told him girls are hard. He should take her out for the day and see what she’s in to. I told him if he gave her a chance she would tell him.

He’s leaving at the end of the week to take his kids to Florida for 10 days. He offered for me to join them. I said thank you and how nice an offer that was…but how did he know I wasn’t some crazy person. He laughed and said he was pretty sure I wasn’t and he was going on instinct. He’s right, I’m not a crazy person. However I will admit, I think it’s odd, or at least a little premature. We hardly know each other and he’s ready to introduce me to his kids and spend time with them on vacation.

Is it me?

He’s ready to settle. Which I can completely understand. He said he’s ready to be grounded with someone to plant some roots and stop the traveling around for work. I don’t know if I’m there yet. In the nearly four years since my divorce this is only my 3rd second date, my 2nd dinner date. Yes, the goal is to eventually settle down and have someone to come home to…but I’m not sure I’m ready for that just yet. I’m not sure I’m ready for that with him.

This could just be me. I get that. It could be my way of finding a reason not to like this guy or not to continue to get to know him or at least give it a chance. I have no real experience with this dating shit. Do I confess that I’m not sure I’m ready to jump into a commitment? Do I just play along until I know for sure one way or the other? Am I ready to give up my search and put some real effort into this man…or should I just move on? I’ve spent most of my time diving into mostly physical relationships with younger men and being pissy about how none of them want to “be” with me even though I know they aren’t really relationship material. I’ve only just started to give myself the opportunity to out with men which are more in line with what I’m really looking for. So, is this it?

I have no idea. I won’t see him again for two weeks. I’m going to have to decide how to move with this.


8 thoughts on “2nd Date

  1. Give it time. The 10 days while he’s away is good. I’m sure he will call or text. You sound like the type that when things start to get serious, you might back away. Take it one day at a time. At his age he’s ready to settle down. Are you?

    1. I still think that asking me to join him on his family vacation after the 2nd date is moving a little fast.
      He does know what he wants…I’m just not sure I do yet.
      Time will tell. I do know I’m a little gun shy.

  2. You might be ready, you know, but this guy is moving fast and it might be just too fast for you. If it was someone who would take things slow, you wouldn’t have even noticed meeting his kids etc. He might be nice, but ask him to take things slowly.

  3. When guys move that fast its a red flag. Anyone who isn’t trying to put one over on you is going to take more time to qualify someone. Somethings fishy. Trust your instincts.

    1. We have since talked…and I agree, there is something a little off. Not sure just what it is but it’s nothing that is making feel the need to run the other direction.
      Time will tell.

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