I’m ready to say goodbye…almost.

2013 is quickly, oh so quickly coming to an end. Where the hell did it go? What the hell did I do all fucking year? Can I please please get a do-over? Stop, breath…look around. You did a lot, you learned a lot, you experienced both beauty and heartbreak. Nothing is ever wrong with that.

Lessons this year have been pounded into my brain. OK…seriously, I get it.

Do not become attached. Not to the idea. Not to the place you are. Not to the man. Do not become attached to a feeling or a thought. Do not become attached.

Patience. Fuck I missed this one over and over and so fucking over again. Have patience. Be patient. With yourself, with your friends, your boss, with the dog and the kids too.

The lessons do not escape me. Although I do embrace them I also like to turn my cheek and flip them off once and a while, which never really works out for me…

I’m almost ready to say goodbye to this year. It’s time to think ahead. Moving forward…letting go and not looking back. Maybe a little less time turning away from the lesson and more turning into it. Stop ignoring your instincts…stop being reactive and impulsive. Go with the flow and always remember that the Universe is speaking to you, listen before it knocks you down.


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