Let me think about that a min…No, the answer is no.

Jbricks***** 12/15/2013 7:10:02 AM
Good morning

Me 12/18/2013 8:56:31 PM
Good evening

Jbricks***** 12/18/2013 8:59:36 PM
If you like email me joebricks*@******.com

Him: I am still married is that ok

Me: So what exactly are you looking for?

Him: Are you interested in a lover,

Me: Always…just not sure I’m interested in the drama that comes with a married man.

Him: Good morning, their is no drama, I have no kids. If you like I would just like to meet for a drink just to see if their is a connection.

Me: Kids aren’t usually the cause of drama…it’s the wives. I’ve been there before with a man I was only friends with.

Him: Just want to meet for a drink, please 🙂

Ok…He’s on a dating site, has a picture, emailing from his ipad. Now, I will give him kudos for being upfront pretty quick. However…I don’t think married men who have kids and cheat have any more drama than men who don’t have kids. They both have wives…and whether the marriage is good or not cheating man + scorned wife = drama.

No thank you.


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