Uh…but wait, I have a plan.

Life is paved by the bricks laid by good intentions.   I’m not going to get married till I get my degree.  We won’t buy a house till we have enough money in the bank.  I’m not getting pregnant till I get to xx position in my company.

Sounds good to have a plan.  Sounds mature and productive.  Funny thing is…things never seem to follow suit with said plan.  If there is anything I’ve learned over the last 10 years it’s that as soon as I say “I’m not going to until…” that’s the moment some fucking wrench get’s tossed into my brilliant (although perhaps misguided) plan.

It makes sense.  Have my ducks all in a row, then I can concentrate on the next phase.  The biggest trouble with this is we tend to focus so much on the ducks, we forget to notice the pond.

When I first decided to quit smoking after 17 years of it, I had a plan. I bought a treadmill and planned to have a concrete running regimen in force before I gave up the smokes for good.  I started working towards that goal two months prior to my scheduled quit day.  Within weeks I had injured myself to the point that I was told…there would be no running for me.  Fuck.  I had a plan!!!  WTH!  I did quit on my scheduled day, however because I didn’t have a more loose “plan” I became depressed and I averaged a 5 pound weight gain every year for the first 5 years.

That is just one example of many times in my life where I thought I was on the right track, but things didn’t ever seem to fall into place.  We make plans so that we are “ready” for things.  Ha!  If we waited till we were really ready, most of us would never have gotten married, had kids, moved or taken on any other life changing event.  There is no perfect time for any of it.  There is most definitely no other time that the present moment.

I’m going to do a load of laundry every night.  Washer breaks.  I’m going to start running every morning.  5 day monsoon. I’m going to eat nothing but kumquats for a week.  Kumquat recall next day.

I’m not saying toss the plan.  We need to have some sort of game plan in order for us to move. I get it. However, what I am suggesting, is that we not be so focused on the plan that we miss the opportunity.  If you have a 5 year plan for what ever you want, and shit starts to fall together in 3.  Maybe it didn’t work out till year 6 or 7….don’t knock it.   For the love of all that is right with the world DO NOT FIGHT IT.  Roll with it…rework the plan, get a new plan.

The Universe…laughs at us and our plans. We should be thankful for that.  It has a much better plan for us than we could ever imagine.


6 thoughts on “Uh…but wait, I have a plan.

  1. 🙂

    I’m suffocating on all the truth in this, Dawn.

    Time to go rake the leaves! Blizzard.
    Time to work out! No running water to shower.
    Time to go have fun and live a little! Strep throat.

    If I waited ’til I was “ready,” I wouldn’t be a father, AND I wouldn’t have my blog.

    Two of my favorite things.

    I just dove headfirst into the discomfort.

    And things just… worked out… sort of. 🙂

  2. I’m so right there with ya on this one. We have to be willing to adapt along the way and to know ourselves and what we want (in the grandest sense) well enough to seize any spontaneous opportunities that present themselves. I 100% agree with your assertion that the universe has better plans than we could ever imagine. That has been true for me a thousand times over.

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