That one time I could have…but didn’t

I have stating on several occasions…I do not do regret.  Not for things I’ve done. Not for things I’ve said.  That’s not to say I’ve always done the right things or said the right things…but I am 100% genuine.  So when it comes down to the choices that I’ve made, I know it’s been for the right reasons.

I took one step forward…then tripped, fell backward and tumbled down the hill.

There has been some regret lately.  Not for things I have done or said…but for things I have NOT done or said.  I was given an opportunity.  Handed a chance, gift wrapped and presented for the taking….I froze.  I let fear consumed me.

Fear of what?  At this point I have nothing to lose.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  I have the opportunity to lose sleepless nights having one sided conversations. I could lose that.  Losing that would be fucking awesome.   Freedom from the mental prison I’ve put myself in.

I asked for a chance.  That chance was given to me…no strings attached.  I FROZE.  Literally sat there and said nothing.  On at least three occasions the door was opened for me, all I had to do was open my damn mouth.  Nothing came out.  Nothing.  As soon as I walked away I had an overwhelming sense of regret.  I have no idea if that opportunity will ever be given to me again.  I’m going to have to accept that.

Opportunities are presented to us all the time.  We can either take them or leave them….the choice is ours.  I suggest you take them.  Rarely do people look back and regret the opportunities they took.  Most often, such as in my case, we regret the one’s we don’t take.



7 thoughts on “That one time I could have…but didn’t

  1. Argh, I know this feeling well. With both big things and little things. But I also feel like sometimes life circles back around to give you another shot, it just may not look like what you were expecting.

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