Whoa there sparky…

There is something to be said for setting yourself up for success….there is also something to be said for taking on too much.

As I got to planning how I was going to ensure success…at least for the upcoming week, I started with meal planning.  It’s something extremely valuable when you are trying to save money, make up for time that you are now devoting to something else  as well as keeping yourself from making poor food choices.  As I got to checking out different dinners to prepare for the week I got excited…Oh, I could make this Monday, Tues can be this, Wed pizza night of course, then Thurs we’ll enjoy this wonderful meal, Friday I’ll toss this in the crock pot, it’ll be great!!

As I printed each meal, and the weeks plan I looked at it and immediately laughed.  I’m never going to do all that work.  Especially now that 3 of those nights I’ll be working on my muscles and flab. Then there was this little voice that said “This is exactly why you fail every single time.”  I overwhelm myself.  See, this is where being honest and knowing your patterns comes in handy. So I tossed out the plan and created one a little more realistic.  Ahhh….that’s much better.  Now I have something that makes sense, and I’m covered for the week.  Yeah me!!

This new adventure I’m embarking on is about making a better life…not overwhelming myself and crashing before I’ve even given myself an opportunity to gain some ground.  I’ve done this to myself often enough to know where my limits are.  If I’m going to do things differently, that means I’m going to have to know where to draw the line.  Over the last few years I’ve started a few routines that work well for me…no need to fix what ain’t broke.

As much as I would like to have a complete lifestyle makeover and become a something that combines all the skills of Jillian Michaels, Martha Stewart and Mother Theresa all into one little old me, I know that I have to take some baby steps first.  There’s going to be some internal struggle, some fear and some smack talk going on inside of me for awhile.  The thing is that I’m aware of all of it and all I need to do is remember the plan and talk myself down (or reach out for a pep talk).  No way am I going to let myself down this time.

With all that being said, I’m going to grab myself a glass of water and start setting up for a successful week ahead.


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